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Mike Hill, MBA

​Mike Hill is an author, professional speaker, and strategist.


  • Mike has more than 25 years experience in corporate America. Mike has been the vice president of a Fortune 1500 company that grew sales 25% during the years he was in charge. Mike also grew an Indiana-based organization from a single location to a six-location business in the span of 10 years. In both situations, Mike attributes the unprecedented growth to having helped employees perform to their maximum ability with the use of Mike’s process, based on measurable criteria.


  • Mike became very active in the International Association of Plastic Distributors and served as its president and board member for nine years.


  • Mike graduated from Saint Bonaventure University with a Bachelor of Arts followed by a Master’s in Business Administration.


  • Mike is the author of the books:

  • Measuring to Manage: Using Measurable Data to Get Maximum Employee Performance.

  • Measuring Ourselves: Taking Measurable Steps to Career Advancement

  • Corporate Measurements to Manage: Using Measurable Data to Get Maximum Corporate Results.

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